About this site (and me!)

Hi! I’m Xabi, a cinema lover, video-game addict, unnamedmagic enthusiast and guitar hobbyist. In this site reviews, rants and essays will be posted about old and new movies (and sometimes even videogames). This is an exercise I do for myself, to see how my opinion in these arts evolve over time. If you happen to have found this randomly, have fun!

Let’s be honest here for a moment. Some friends and I have a group chat in Telegram dedicated to talk about movies, everything from films to trailers to… Well, anything related to cinema! This blog was born when the rants I sent to that group started to get… let’s say slightly long to be sent through a messaging app. So I thought it would be fun to write them online… and hell yeah, it is.

I’d say it’s pretty obvious but just in case: I don’t make money with this blog. I pay for everything I review, whether it means a cinema ticket or a blu-ray disc. In addition, I recently started a subscription in order to have my own domain and avoid WordPress ads (as Maui would say… You’re welcome!), so yeah, this blog costs me money. No problem there, I love it enough to be worth the cost, but please understand if I’m not super consistent with publishing schedules!

The stuff I write here is not something super serious. I’m not a film critic and I’m not pretending to be. I do it because it helps me organise my thoughts and better understand what my knowledge is when it comes to film. It makes me understand myself in a way!

The marking system that will be used in every review is dead simple: an integer number from zero to ten. Why integer, you ask? IMDb uses that system. When I shared my ratings from that platform with a friend, we had a long discussion about it. “How can Captain America be higher rated than The Martian?”, he asked. Well, the thing is two movies cannot be compared based only on that rating. Each movie is a world, and not all movies with a 7 are equally good movies. If we had marks like 6.25 or 9.7… Comparisons would be inevitable, and we would all look for a formula, way to calculate the accomplishments of a director. And art cannot be mathematically calculated, I’m afraid.

No film would get a perfect score, because nothing is absolutely perfect. But when a movie makes great use of the cinematographic language, has an amazing cinematography, an appealing script and it’s all in all so good it has a place in your heart… how not give it a 10?

Maybe it’s time to turn off our brains and focus on the heart. It’s art what we’re talking about here.

Xabi Linazasoro, mymoviecollection.blog

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