Sherlock – Season 4 Review

Disappointment after disappointment, I honestly expected nothing from the fourth season of Sherlock… Yet I was disappointed once again. Terrible mysteries, horrific solutions to them, and James Bond meets Jason Bourne moments flood the three episodes that could be the last of the show.

This is an actual thing in the first episode: a young man is found burnt inside a car, and the detective deduces that he must had been hiding there, under a flammable cloth that looked like the car’s seat, in order to surprise his father, then had a seizure, which made it impossible for him to escape when the car caught fire. Yes. All that from a burnt car with a corpse in it. Holmes says it so it must be true! Come on, don’t pretend we are dumb.


The creators want Mary, Watson’s wife, to be an important part of the show, which is a gigantic misstep due to what she brings into the mix. Episode by episode, Sherlock stops being a detective show and becomes a James Bond film with international affairs and super-secret agents with hidden identities. This trend started in season three, but it is much worse this time around. Mary is an annoying character, yet it seems everything revolves around her. Damn, the freaking show ends with a voice-over from her!

They also turned Mrs. Hudson’s character into a cringe-worthy character too. In an attempt to do fan-service, the writers thought that a badass Mrs. Hudson would be a nice idea. That character is an old woman who has always been sweet and caring. Why not turn her into a Ferrari-driving (200 km/h, of course) badass whose sentences are basically burns to the antagonists. Sounds about right! Ugh.

Let’s briefly talk about the series finale. It is atrocious. What seems to be a very interesting premise turns into a forced way of bringing back fan-favourite characters in the most stupid and cheesy ways possible. There is a character who dies in season two, yet one way or another, has an appearance in five out of the seven episodes that came after his death, usually as a cliff-hanger to have the audience watch the next episode only to be told “ah, it turns out he really was dead”. “Wait, is he truly back this time? Phew, false alarm again, guys!”.


I find the very plot of the last episode insulting. We are presented a series of scenes that turn out do not exist in the end. How are we supposed to follow what’s going on, if what we see are lies!? This episode also features one of the most annoying characters ever in this show, who is the antagonist, as well as the most infuriating endings to an episode I’ve watched in my life.

Season four is nothing but a shadow of what made Sherlock great. The fun characters are there, but everything else is absent: the clever scripts, appealing mysteries, interesting chains of events… It’s dull and dumb. Nothing good about it, this is a season that even the fans should avoid. What a shame, especially knowing how good this was a few years ago. 2/10

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