Sherlock – Season 2 review

After the quite great first season, and a specially intriguing cliff-hanger, the expectations for the second season were quite high. How did it turn out? Let’s find out!

Three new adventures await, which sounded particularly interesting to me when first teased as one of them is named The Hounds of Baskerville. That one turned out to be a terrible adaptation, with a dreadful script and a terrible mystery to solve (the solution being even worse), but the other two are quite great! The finale, once again revolving around Moriarty, is one of the best episodes this show has ever had, even if it also ended with a cliff-hanger that was terribly solved in the third season… Ugh.

The main addition to the cast in this season is that of Lara Pulver, who playfully depicts Irene Adler, known as “The Woman”, the only character in Sherlockian lore to ever baffle the great detective. I didn’t like this character at first, but when rewatching the show to prepare this review, I must admit I started to be fond of her. There is a scene in which in order to avoid the “Sherlock Vision” (patent pending), she shows up naked. Watching a helpless Holmes trying to find clues is a lot of fun! Definitely a genius idea that proves Moffat and Gatiss do understand where to take the characters, at least within a single story that doesn’t unfold across different episodes.

Louise Brealey Benedict Cumberbatch

Sherlock and Watson’s relationship is established by now, so there are no big surprises with them, but the chemistry among the actors reaches a new height during these episodes. What is indeed more surprising is the character of Molly, portrayed by Louise Brealey, who falls in love with the sleuth despite how unhuman he is. The clash of both personalities is fantastic, with the huge contrast between lovely Molly and the cold detective being joyful to watch, even if at times it does get sad – he can’t avoid spoiling it, and the poor woman’s reaction is heart-wrenching.

I particularly like this season because it’s to the point. Three mysteries which seem to have no filler, with very few unnecessary things going on… All in all, very solid. With a spectacular finale that left everyone wanting more, Sherlock got to its highest point with these episodes. I’d love to give it a higher mark (the finale really deserves it), but the one about Baskerville was, simply put, bad. 8/10

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