Blog Update – Infographic!

It’s been three weeks since my last review, and I wanted to take a little why to explain the reason behind this fact. I’ll try to keep it short!

Basically, my life has been pure craziness during this time. I’ve been living abroad for the past four months and during these silent weeks I have moved back to my hometown. Packing, unpacking, meeting friends and family… It takes lots of time! I have had many assignments to do for university and I’m taking my first steps at a new job too, so I’ve had less time than I wanted to watch films. And the few times I’ve actually gone to the cinema, it’s been to re-watch La La Land!

Right now I’m not earning any money with the blog – in fact, I lose money as I pay for the domain and lack of wordpress ads. I’m perfectly fine with that, as the objective of MyMovieCollection has never been to make money, but as you’ll understand, this means it isn’t my number one priority. I make an effort to write consistently, but if life gets in the way, there is nothing I can do besides being silent for a while.

Obviously, this short period of inactivity doesn’t mean I’m done with the blog. A very important milestone has been met recently, as the 1.000th visit has been made. Thank you very much for your continuous support, it really means a lot to me! To celebrate this, I wanted to give you some stats about my reviews:


It’s been a while since I decided to publish two pieces of writing per week, and I still think that’s a nice objective, isn’t it? Hopefully, I’ll be able to continue that trend from next week on! I will however try to write something during this weekend… Maybe continuing with the X-Men saga would be a good idea, in order to have every film reviewed by the time Logan comes out!

Thank you, once again for reading and supporting this site, it really means a lot. See you in the movies!

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