Thoughts on Suicide Squad – Extended Cut

The same way I did with Batman v Superman, I’d like to share my thoughts on Suicide Squad’s new version, a longer cut that adds 13 minutes of footage. As you can probably imagine, 13 minutes don’t make a huge difference in a 2 hour movie, but does it really add to the film, or is it just a cheesy way of marketing towards those who didn’t like the theatrical release?

Those 13 minutes are more or less evenly spread throughout the runtime of the movie, and while explaining every additional shot would be pointless as some of them are nothing but a few seconds of a character staring out of a window (duh), here are some that I would like to highlight.

For example, Killer Croc does get a better introduction, as we are shown how the guards feed him in prison (they give him a dead goat… Yuck). This gives his character a more monster-like feel, and with some additional dialogue that reveals he once ate a guard’s hand, it is a nice extra moment. Nothing extraordinary, but it should have made it to the original cut, in my opinion.

While the squad is on their way to accomplish their mission, some additional conversation is added, that makes the characters a bit more relatable. The most important one in this group is Deadshot, as a deal he makes with Flag in this new cut makes some of the stuff he says in both versions more understandable. Once again, a minor change, but a quite interesting one.

Finally, a couple of scenes where Harley and Joker appear are made slightly longer, and a new one is introduced, in which the lady kills an innocent man to prove the crazy gangster she is worth having as a friend. That scene is probably the weakest one of the new footage pieces, so don’t expect to find a lot of cool Joker stuff in this new version of the film.

Overall, Suicide Squad’s new cut feels exactly the same as the theatrical release. Yes, there are some little changes here and there, but they are almost unnoticeable unless you really look for them. My opinion on the film changed nothing after this new version, so if you didn’t like the original cut, don’t expect to find anything interesting here, either. And if you did like it… Well, if you were going to watch it again anyway, go for this version. However, I don’t think watching it just for the additional insight is a good idea, as it is a very, very minor plus. Not worth it, if you ask me!

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