X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Movie Review

The fourth instalment in the X-Men franchise is actually a prequel that tells the backstory of Wolverine – hence, the title. Sounds great, right? Well… It’s not that good. It’s actually pretty infamous. Is it just an okay movie or is this the new Batman and Robin? Let’s find out.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine stars Hugh Jackman once again in the role of Logan, even if this time his performance is not as good as in previous titles, unfortunately. Live Schreiber and Ryan Reynolds join him as Victor, Logan’s brother, and Deadpool, respectively. Both these actors usually deliver pretty good performances, so it was a surprise how weak their job in this movie was, especially when it comes to Reynolds. Like it or hate it, his portrayal of Deadpool earlier this year was great, and watching such a bland version of that same character in this movie was extremely underwhelming. Some new characters are thrown in too, who add nothing to the film as a whole. Gambit could be the most appropriate example, as he is meaningless to the plot.


The chain of events in this film is just terrible. Most of the things seem to be happening just because the director, Gavin Hood, thought they would look cool. As an example, there’s a boxing scene that makes no sense in the story, which seems to have been placed in the movie because they wanted Wolverine to have a boxing fight. It serves no purpose beyond that. The thing with prequels is that we already know how some things are going to end. We know Wolverine or his brother Sabretooth won’t die, as they were featured in the previous movies that take place after the events in this one. Therefore, the plot must deliver emotion and unpredictability through other characters, and Origins completely fails at that. As a viewer, I cared nothing about the characters, and that is a huge misstep when the movie is trying so hard to deliver emotional action scenes.

Speaking of action, it was really surprising to see how bad those scenes were. Terrible choreography, shaky-cam and an awful lot of quick cuts ruined what it could have been one of the few good thing Origins had. Lots of visual choices were atrocious too, such as the vast amount of slow motion shots that can be found throughout the film. Add the horrendous CGI that can be found all over the movie, from Wolverine’s claws to many sceneries, and there is no doubt the film doesn’t work as a proper action flick either, even if it does feature some entertaining sequences.


The sharp and clever humour from previous X-Men movies is gone, too. Instead, lots of forced one-liners that don’t even get a chuckle can be found thrown into the script, hoping to get a reaction from the audience. Having Wolverine is not enough to entertain viewers, as he needs witty lines to deliver in order to be considered likeable.

To sum up, Origins: Wolverine is the worst X-Men movie so far, as it takes everything we loved from previous films and make it noticeably worse, while adding nothing new to the mix. It may work as an entertainment piece for some, but it definitely lacks a better script, a proper direction and, more importantly, a beating heart next to the adamantium skeleton. 3/10

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