X-Men 3: The Last Stand – Movie Review

After a cure to treat mutations is found, the community of the above-human is divided into two: those who can’t wait to get rid of their powers in order to feel integrated in society, and those who think the fact of treating mutation as an illness is an aberration. Magneto sees this as a threat, and intensifies the war between humans and mutants, while Professor Xavier, together with Wolverine, Storm and more, will once again try to make co-existence possible.

This third movie in the franchise is the first not to be directed by Bryan Singer, unfortunately. Both X-Men and X-Men 2 were beautifully directed, so this change was quite frightening, with good reason. And while Brett Ratner did a decent job this time, it was nowhere as close to its predecessors in terms of direction.


One of the best ideas Ratner introduces in this franchise is making the world feel more alive. Specially during the first act, some mutation related stuff goes on in Xavier’s school, which gives the movie a more magical aura than in previous flicks.

The story, while cool, isn’t as interesting as previous ones, in part because of this mutants versus humans is indeed getting old. It could have been pretty good once again, but the story-line is organised in a very similar yet one more time.

X-Men 3 is flooded with cheesy scenes that serves no other purpose than forcefully moving the story forward. In addition, the characters, even the most important ones, have been extremely simplified. This is specially evident in the case of Magneto, who was an interesting villain in the previous movies because of a well thought-out reasoning for his vision of the war. However, this time he is nothing but an evil guy who wants to start a war, and sees nothing wrong in doing so. Rogue used to be a rather interesting character too, but has now turned into a weak and annoying girl who is moved by her love interests instead of personal beliefs. And honestly, what they’ve done to Jean is just unacceptable…


The action scenes are extremely entertaining this time too. With greatly improved special effects and computer generated imagery, with obvious exceptions such as Angel’s wings, this film doesn’t seem to be ten years old (am I the only one feeling old?). Pretty straightforward but effective choreography makes the hand on hand combat a joy to watch.

Humour is back this time around, and while it is noticeably worse, it still is chuckle-worthy every now and then. Wolverine always delivers! X-Men 3 was the first movie in the franchise to feature a post-credit scene, so stick around for some extra footage before turning off the player. It seems that people liked the idea, since every single sequel has had one!

All in all, this is not a great film. It’s definitely inferior to its predecessors and it has lots of flaws. However, this is an action-driven movie, and a quite effective one at that. It’s entertaining, fun and spectacular. If you’re looking for something beyond that, this won’t be your cup of tea. But those who just want to have some dumb fun, you’re in for a treat. 5/10

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