Thoughts on Batman v Superman – Ultimate Edition

I must say I actually liked the Batman v Superman Ultimate Cut. I watched the theatrical cut when it came out on cinemas, and I’ve watched both versions of the movie on Blu-Ray recently. This post won’t be a proper review of the movie (although I may write one pretty soon). Instead, I will ramble about the newer cut and how it differs from the original one. I’ll do the same with Suicide Squad when the Blu-Ray releases in December, too! But let’s focus, shall we?

Long story short: it adds quite a lot of insight into the subplots already in the film.

You won’t find any completely new stories or unexpected scenes in this new cut, just longer and better explained scenes. So, if you didn’t like the movie the first time… This may not change your opinion about it. In fact, I don’t think it may change anyone’s opinion. However, if you did enjoy it and you don’t mind watching very long movies (3 hours of Batman v Superman is quite a lot, honestly), you may really appreciate the stuff it explains. Everything ties together much more consistently… Specially the extended Nairomi scene, which was quite a chaos in the original version, makes more sense thanks to the additional minutes.

Another thing that may be worth considering is that this cut is R-rated. While the changes in violence intensity are quite small, it’s pretty obvious that the movie was meant to be this way, but they watered it down in order to get a PG13 rating. I mean the R rating is not a selling point for this version, but the way it should have been from the very beginning. A bit more gritty and brutal, which I think looked great, specially on Batfleck. There’s also more blood, for example with shots, which makes sense due to the human anatomy.

So, is it worth it? For first time viewers, I’d recommend this one over the theatrical version, despite its length. For those who watched the theatrical version already, this version won’t change their opinion on the movie, so anyone interested in watching the same movie again should watch this new cut.

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